How We Create Content at Knowledge to Practice

Our content creation process makes learning more effective and more efficient, ultimately driving mastery and improved patient outcomes. 
At K2P, our mission has always been to deliver high-yield learning experiences that meet the needs of clinicians and enable them to provide the very best patient care. We are experts in adult learning and ed-tech and we’re setting a new bar in medical education. 
What this means for you is that our courses help you study smart, so you can pass your boards, maintain certification, stay up to date, and maintain competency throughout your career.



Curriculum Development

Curriculum development and design at K2P are collaborative from start to finish. Curriculum and content are shaped collectively by a cross-section of experts, led by our Medical Director (Angela Lee, MD) and Curriculum Chair, and finalized via consensus.

To do this, we work with top academicians and clinicians who are also collaborative leaders in their respective fields and utilize an innovative faculty model based on peer-review journal editorial boards. Along the way, vigilant section editors identify hot topics and manage specialties. 

Curriculum design takes into consideration each and every professional development use case: passing the boards, credentialing, building and mastering new knowledge and skill, and professional/intellectual curiosity.

CurrentMD Cardiology Editorial Board


Adult Learning Principles

Our online learning platform is strategically designed using Adult Learning Theory, so that the knowledge you gain is focused, relevant, quickly put into practice, and even enjoyable. 

We deliver personalized, on-demand learning, in micro-learning formats that measurably improve clinical judgment, critical thinking, and patient care. Perhaps more importantly our content is designed to optimize retention and minimize cognitive load, so you can master new information efficiently.  

Our content is available as videos, podcasts, visual maps, and more – all accessible on demand. Physicians learn only what they need to know, and unlike conventional medical education, CurrentMD enables users to choose and combine concepts to create their own curriculum.

K2P Adult Learning Model

CurrentMD Legends

Expert Faculty

With K2P, you learn from the best. There is no other CME product in the cardiovascular medicine space that can boast of the caliber of
faculty you’ll find with CurrentMD Cardiology. 

Not only do you learn from expert clinicians, but our faculty are also expert educators. They are faculty leaders, program directors, textbook authors, sought-after grand rounds speakers, and guideline writers. 

So, you’ll find activities on CurrentMD Cardiology where guidelines are explained by the experts who created them, emerging practices are shared by the visionaries who conceived them, and board review subjects are presented by industry legends. You draw on their extensive expertise to enhance your own.

Keeping Up with the Pace of Change in Medicine

CurrentMD Cardiology is not a one-and-done CME course, but rather a lifelong learning platform, designed to meet the needs of trainees through senior clinicians. 

Perennially evergreen curriculum design is employed to support all providers treating patients with cardiovascular disease. We provide a continually updated core curriculum, accented with expert perspectives, emerging science, and clinical cases. 

So, while we’re not a one-and-done course, we are an all-in-one CME product, where you can review the basics, keep up with the latest science, and practice your clinical skills all in one place. Oh, and we provide CME/MOC credit too. 

CurrentMD Curriculum Graph

Advanced Digital Learning

Our programs live online to provide clinicians with mobile, multi-format learning options, and the ability to transverse the content in personally relevant ways. 

Learning theory has progressed rapidly with the development of technology and access to information. Laying beneath our technology are 3 progressive theories considered (see below), which we have designed our user interface around. 

The lowest bar to meet is simple pedagogy (and board requirements), and the highest, is self-directed learning, driven by the individuals themselves; do something to achieve the desired goal. 

Our advanced digital learning platform accommodates it all–from credentialing on up to self-determined heutagogical experiences.


K2P Learning Heutagogy

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