Thank You

Thank you for a lifetime of teaching and patient care. I never trained at the Mayo, but took your courses there and at Vail for almost 30 years. Mostly through you, I referred all my complicated patients to the Mayo. (The one with the anomalous venous drainage from his head is still doing well without surgery on meds alone for almost 15 years now, has retired from the USCG and wrote a book mentioning me and the Mayo). I have had only 3 physician/teachers that I felt were role models: C Thorpe Ray, MD at Tulane, Bernard Lown, MD at Harvard (I was his Fellow for 3 years) and you. Although you may be ‘retiring’, the seeds you planted are growing and spreading good in this world. Thank you on behalf of myself as well as all the patients who have been helped by the knowledge you created and shared.