Our Differentiator

  1. Needs Assessment – K2P performs a proprietary needs assessment based on the most comprehensive literature and expert guidelines to create our curricula.
  2. Surveillance & Distillation – K2P filters the vast array of medical information and refines it into a core set of knowledge that is both relevant and defines most current care delivery.
  3. Adaptation – K2P leverages adult learning theory to deliver our practical distillation in a way that ensures assimilation, retention, and recall across the multidisciplinary team.
  4. Continuous Improvement – K2P takes market insights and direction from our Advisory Board, learner analytics and feedback, and assessment performance and feeds it back into our process to keep the content updated to improve learner and patient outcomes. 

Residents walking together sharing insights

On-The-Go Content

K2P’s portfolio of evidence-based medicine delivers the right content, to the right person, at the right time resulting in a 59% lift in knowledge.

  • Mobile-friendly microlearning modules provide quick, on-the-go access for busy providers.
  • Bite-sized, micro-learning topics  are delivered in digestible 5-20-minute segments.
  • Using adult learning theory, K2P courses can demonstrate 10x higher assimilation, retention,
    and recall.

K2P Insight Dashboard

K2P provides dashboards allowing hospital administrators to gain deep visibility into the competency and capabilities of their clinicians, make necessary adjustments, manage risk, and improve patient outcomes.

  • Identify areas of risk across the care spectrum, and delivery of curriculum to support changed practice behaviors.
  • Configure able your dashboard view based on individual, department, facility, and aggregated across your enterprise.
  • Stabilize RVUs while enhancing care through high yield self-assessment, personalized learning.

Analytics Dashboard