Thrive Global – “Celebrate big successes” With Douglas Brown & Mary Ellen Beliveau

September 24, 2020

Interview with Mary Ellen Beliveau by Douglas Brown, Thrive Global

“Celebrate big successes comprehensively and with vigor for 24 hours, then face the next day as if your competition were five miles ahead of you. Launches of new products, increased retention, big or high profile enterprise sales, hitting e-commerce bookings goals, are all examples of things you might expect respective leaders to celebrate in a meaningful way, but then be back at it 24 hours later and focus on the next hill to climb.” – Mary Ellen Beliveau

As a part of my series about “Lessons From Inspirational Women Leaders in Tech,” I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Ellen Beliveau, CEO and founder of Knowledge to Practice (K2P) and an impassioned visionary in the world of continuing medical education. Named a 2020 DC Inno on Fire winner, Mary Ellen was applauded for K2P’s recent launch of CurrentMD COVID, a groundbreaking subscription-based educational platform that empowers frontline teams to deliver the best quality care to their patients.

Mary Ellen Beliveau’s vision is both inspired and grounded by over 20 years of experience innovating postgraduate medical education curriculum, including serving as Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at the American College of Cardiology and as a CLO consultant to Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Executive Vice President of Specialty Sciences at Pri-Med. She is currently the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for Suburban Hospital and a member of the Johns Hopkins Board of Trustees.

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