Thrive Global – “Celebrate big successes” With Douglas Brown & Mary Ellen Beliveau

September 24, 2020

Interview with Mary Ellen Beliveau by Douglas Brown, Thrive Global “Celebrate big successes comprehensively and with vigor for 24 hours, then face the next day as if your competition were five miles ahead of you. Launches of new products, increased retention, big or high profile enterprise sales, hitting e-commerce bookings goals, are all examples of

Infection Control Today Q&A with Mary Ellen Beliveau: How COVID-19 Tests Hospital Command Centers

August 12, 2020

Mary Ellen Beliveau: “If I’m an OB/GYN and all of a sudden I’m in the ICU, I don’t know how to run a ventilator. I’ve never run a ventilator before. I could be the best OB/GYN in the country. But suddenly, being put in a different area of practice and then to be expected to

Bethesda-based Knowledge to Practice launched a COVID-19 educational platform

August 11, 2020

Bethesda, Maryland-based Knowledge to Practice (K2P) launched a subscription-based educational platform for medical professionals looking to learn the most up-to-date information about COVID-19. Its new product, CurrentMD COVID, provides frontline workers with microlearning modules, spanning about five to 20 minutes each, and was designed to facilitate on-the-go learning about the coronavirus. Read the full article

Knowledge to Practice Launches CurrentMD COVID, Aimed at Empowering Frontline Teams to Deliver the Best Care

August 4, 2020

Knowledge to Practice (K2P) today announced the launch of CurrentMD™ COVID—a groundbreaking subscription-based educational platform that empowers frontline teams to deliver the best quality care to their patients. CurrentMD COVID allows medical providers to access the latest information on COVID-19 in the form of microlearning modules of about 5 to 20 minutes each, designed to facilitate impactful, on-the-go learning.

CurrentMD COVID Featured in South Carolina News Broadcast

July 31, 2020

Knowledge to Practice’s CurrentMD COVID product was highlighted in a Charleston, SC news program. In the piece, the reporter interviews Dr. Michael Finch, MD, President of South Carolina Medical Association, and Mary Ellen Beliveau, CEO and Founder of Knowledge to Practice to understand how the partnership and the product benefit SC physicians statewide.

Partnership to Bring COVID-19 Pandemic Educational Resources to South Carolina Physicians

July 27, 2020

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, South Carolina Hospital Association, and South Carolina Medical Association have partnered with Knowledge to Practice (K2P) to help doctors across the state battle the COVID-19 epidemic.

“When She Founded with Somer Hamrick” Podcast Featuring Mary Ellen Beliveau

July 16, 2020

Listen to the Podcast “Mary Ellen Beliveau is the founder and CEO of Knowledge to Practice (K2P), an education technology organization specializing in providing educational development to medical providers so they can combat skills gaps, provide high-quality care, and perform at “top-of-license.” Prior to founding K2P, Mary Ellen served as SVP and Chief Learning Officer

K2P picked in DC Inno’s 2020 Inno on Fire Awards

June 30, 2020

K2P started with a $3.7 million raise, $2 million of which came from British educational publishing company Pearson’s venture fund — to enable K2P to develop its own curriculum, and tap leaders from top academic centers and medical institutions across the country to contribute to its coursework.

K2P Fuels Growth with Investment from Pearson Ventures

December 17, 2019

Knowledge to Practice (K2P), has raised $3.7 million in new funding that will speed its mission to revolutionize how personalized education is experienced across healthcare systems to address skill inequity, drive continuity of care, and bridge the gap between quality and competency with a transformational SaaS solution.

“Learning is a Lifestyle” – CMIO Podcast Interview with K2P CEO Mary Ellen Beliveau

November 4, 2019

K2P CEO Mary Ellen Beliveau sat down with Dr. Mark Weisman of the CMIO Podcast to talk about the impact of knowledge deficits in clinical care.

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