K2P Launches CurrentMD: Emerging Medicine CME Platform

April 11, 2018  |  Other

CurrentMD enables physicians to easily stay up-to-date on emerging and challenging healthcare topics anytime and anywhere

Bethesda, MD – April 11, 2018Knowledge to Practice (K2P), a leading provider of personalized, competency-based lifelong learning for practicing physicians, today announced the official launch of K2P CurrentMD. The learner-centric platform delivers actionable clinical content on emerging and challenging topics, enabling physicians to quickly and easily stay current on disease states, screening, diagnosis, treatments, management, and emerging evidence-based medicine. The first of many specialties available on the CurrentMD platform is Cardiology. With CurrentMD Cardiology, physicians can practice with confidence knowing they have access to the most current, unbiased clinical information at their fingertips.

According to the American Clinical and Climatological Association, medical knowledge is projected to double every 73 days by 2020. For time-crunched physicians, having access to easily digestible, comprehensive and personalized curriculum is critical to delivering the best possible care. With CurrentMD, busy physicians can quickly access educational lessons that are both engaging and interactive. The personalized platform enables physicians to monitor their personal mastery of clinical knowledge and skills and learn wherever, whenever and however they choose. For healthcare organizations, CurrentMD advances organizational-wide transformation by fostering a more engaged and confident workforce.

“Cardiologists are constantly under pressure to deliver value to both their organizations as well as patients,” says Mary Ellen Beliveau, founder and CEO of Knowledge to Practice. “While they want to provide the best possible care, they often lack the tools, resources and support to do so. We developed CurrentMD Cardiology to empower physician success by helping them stay on top of medical knowledge, heightening clinical excellence and, ultimately, improving patient outcomes.”

Key features and benefits of CurrentMD, include:

  • World-Class Faculty – Our faculty includes more than 35 world-renowned cardiovascular academicians who are dedicated to empowering their peers through effective lifelong medical education.
  • Advanced, Customized Technology – The interactive educational platform enables physicians to consume information the way they prefer via video, audio, slides or transcripts. They can also manage the pace of their learning and maintain all of their notes within the platform.
  • Adult Learning Design – Adult learning theory is applied to the design of the content. As physicians engage in the content, they receive on-the-spot feedback, enabling them to identify and fill knowledge gaps thus, dramatically improving the way they practice medicine.
  • On-the-Go Functionality – The web-based technology is available on smartphones, tablets and computers, with adaptive “pick-up-where-you-left-off” content segments easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle.
  • Effective and Current Content – K2P has reviewed over 1,000 medical journal articles and counting, to identify what is most important to practicing cardiologists so they don’t have to. And, we have just added “ACC 2018 Spotlight” that distills the conference content and provides insights on practical application.

CurrentMD Cardiology is the only solution that provides a single, unbiased source of cardiovascular medical updates from leading industry experts. Since its soft launch earlier this year, CurrentMD has been very well received by the cardiology community, with 93% saying that it is better than other products they use for continuing education. Consequently, K2P exceeded our CurrentMD sales goal in Q1 and saw a doubling of sales between January and March. We will be launching additional specialties on the CurrentMD platform later this year and in 2019.

To learn more about CurrentMD visit https://k2p.com/products/currentmd.

About Knowledge to Practice

Knowledge to Practice delivers mastery-based, personalized online continuing medical education for the on-the-go physician, and measurably improves a physician’s clinical judgment and critical thinking. Knowledge to Practice’s personalized curriculum results in an average of 38 percent improvement of knowledge retention and recall, compared to 3-5 percent of older continuing medical education (CME) models. Using best practices and adult learning techniques, Knowledge to Practice taps top recognized academicians and thought leaders to deliver practice-changing clinical content. Curriculum is then personalized to each physician, enabling them to monitor their personal mastery and learn wherever, whenever and however they choose. To learn more about Knowledge to Practice please visit:www.KnowledgeToPractice.com.

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