Personalized Learning Speed Board Review by 75%

By Knowledge to Practice  |  April 23, 2018  |  Methods of Learning

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In case you weren’t convinced by our post on flipping your classroom, here are some hard numbers to show you why personalized learning is far superior to didactics for board review. At Knowledge to Practice, we’ve always understood the advantages of personalized learning, but now that more than 5,000 physicians have used our platform, we have the data to back this up.

You’re probably extremely familiar with the didactic method, but in case you’re less familiar with personalized learning, here’s a quick summary of how it works:

  1. The trainee takes a pre-test to understand both his or her areas of mastery and knowledge gaps.
  2. The trainee now has the option to pick and choose from a comprehensive set of lessons, concentrating on the knowledge gaps identified in the pre-test.
  3. The trainee engages in “self-directed learning,” starting and stopping at his or her own pace, on his or her own schedule, and continually adjusting based on ongoing feedback.

We compared the results from physicians who used our tools for board prep to physicians who learned through traditional didactic methods, and the results surprised even us. Here’s what we found:

infographic personalized learning

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