Critical Care Staffing in the Time of the Pandemic

April 20, 2020

Preparing for and responding to the surge of COVID-19 patients has required healthcare systems to develop and implement new strategies to deal with shortages. Resources that have been in scarce supply include personal protective equipment, ventilators, ICU beds, medications, and IV fluids. Sadly, the resource that is most challenging to recruit in adequate numbers is

COVID-19 Pandemic Sparks Medical Innovation

April 13, 2020

From the use of anti-inflammatory and antiviral medications to the use of a “smart ring” to monitor body temperature, the crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has provided the impetus for clinical and technological innovation. Clinical studies are being quickly initiated at health systems and research organizations around the world to explore a variety of

Protecting the Mental Health of Front Line Clinicians During the Pandemic

April 7, 2020

Today, Monday, April 6, marks the first day of National Public Health Week. If you missed our recent public health-related blogs on the roles of the various public health agencies or our interview with family and public health physician Dr. Angela DeJulius, you can check them out on our website. Each day of National Public

Addressing Scarce Resources in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Ventilator Sharing

March 30, 2020

First of all, an enormous thank you to all healthcare workers- especially those on the frontlines-for your selfless dedication during this unprecedented crisis. K2P is working to help keep our clinical audience informed of topics of interest at this time. If you missed our interview with Angela DeJulius, MD regarding the collaboration between public health

The Voice of a Seattle area Hospital Administrator

March 30, 2020

I had the opportunity to talk to Tom DeBord, a hospital administrator and former colleague from Ohio. Tom is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Washington. What wisdom can you share from your experience in leading operations in your Bellevue, Washington hospital over the past month? This has been a very

Public Health and Clinical Practice: Working Together

March 24, 2020

I had the opportunity to speak to a physician colleague from Ohio about the collaboration between private practice physicians and the various public health organizations during the current pandemic. Angela DeJulius, MD, MPH, is a board-certified family physician who is currently a primary care physician in a federally qualified health center in Kent, Ohio and

Public Health Management of a Pandemic: A Primer for the Practicing Clinician

March 24, 2020

The figure depicts the potential impact of incremental social distancing, infographic courtesy of Robert A.J. Signer Ph.D., and Gary Warshaw, Art Director. Our goal at K2P is to make a contribution to supporting all healthcare workers during this challenging time. To this end, we will continue to develop and maintain the timeliness of our comprehensive curriculum, and

Meet Deborah Small – CNO at Cleveland Clinic, London

March 11, 2020

We all have a part to play in patient safety. In observance of Patient Safety Awareness Week, we spoke to industry leaders to get their thoughts on topics like notable…

Meet Dr. Ashish Khanna, FCCP, FCCM

March 11, 2020

In observance of Patient Safety Awareness Week, we spoke to industry leaders to get their thoughts on the challenges ensuring proper patient safety and how care teams can overcome them.…

Meet Colleen Karvetski, PhD – Sr. Data Scientist at Cigna

March 11, 2020

In support of the care team, data and education provide the foundation for patient safety. Data analysis identifies the critical areas that require focus...

Meet Nancy A. Myers, PhD – Leadership and System Innovation

March 10, 2020

We all have a part to play in patient safety. As a provider of online continuing medical education, our goal at Knowledge to Practice is to make refreshing and retaining…

Heartline “Virtual” Randomized Trial Opens Enrollment

February 24, 2020

Atrial Fibrillation: Scope of the Problem The prevalence of atrial fibrillation (AF) in the United States is estimated to rise from ≈5.2 million in 2010 to 12.1 million in 2030.…

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