Understanding the Difference Between Our Internal Medicine Courses

By Debra L. Beck, MSc  |  September 20, 2022

Internal Medicine CME Course

The bottom line is that Internal Medicine Board Review (IMBR) and Internal Medicine Essentials (IME) contain the same high-quality internal medicine content. So, don’t buy both. 

  • IMBR and IME both offer Internal Medicine content created and delivered by the world-renowned Mayo Clinic faculty (digitized in collaboration with Knowledge to Practice)
  • Both products can be used for board review preparation, either for first-time exam takers and for those recertifying in internal medicine
  • Both offer 49.75 CME/MOC credits upon completion of all activities and assessments
  • Both are aligned and weighted to the ABIM Internal Medicine Exam Blueprint
  • Both offer our “study with confidence board-pass guarantee”

So, what’s the difference between these two products, you ask?

It’s all about the assessments and how you earn CME/MOC credit. 

Board Review offers you one big comprehensive pre-assessment to help you identify your knowledge gaps and create a personalized study plan. Then, when you’re done, there is another big comprehensive post-assessment to complete to earn CME/MOC credit. 

So, perhaps you want to challenge yourself with our 145 case-based assessment questions that span the entire field to identify your gaps in knowledge and create a personalized study plan? IMBR is your product.

Perhaps you just want to refresh your understanding of pulmonary disorders? With IME you can take a pre- and post-assessment on just that topic, do you’re studying and earn a portion of the 49.75 CME/MOC credits offered.  

If you’re taking a Board Exam, some say it’s a good idea to practice using the more comprehensive “practice test.” 

If you’re in between exams but eager to better understand some of the many concepts covered in internal medicine, we suggest IME. 

As with all of our products, it’s about what is important to you, our learners. 

(If you’ve read this far but it’s a Mayo Clinic cardiology product you’re thinking of purchasing, the story is the same. Cardiology Board Review (CVBR) and CV Updates offer the same Mayo Clinic content, but the assessments are shorter (per topic area) with CV Updates. However, if you’re looking for something new and exciting in cardiology CME, might we suggest CurrentMD Cardiology?)

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