Curated Resources for Management of COVID-19

By admin  |  April 24, 2020  |  COVID-19

What we are learning about management of COVID-19 infected patients is growing daily. Many clinicians have expressed never having seen anything quite like this; obviously the sheer number of critically ill patients is unprecedented, as is the unique pathophysiology of what occurs in the lungs of COVID patients. The lack of definitive therapies for the virus itself, and evidence-based therapies for the associated inflammatory lung process is challenging. There is a plethora of information published in peer-reviewed journals every day. Three recent papers that shed light on the complicated pulmonary topic have been particularly illuminating.

The Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine  (CCJM)has a feature called “COVID-19 Curbside Consults” which is updated regularly, and which contains insights from a number of specialists involved in the care of COVID-19 patients.

Sections in the CCJM that are particularly interesting in terms of the concept of a particularly compelling topic, cytokine storm, include:

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