How to Reinvigorate Continuing Medical Education in the Digital Age

“Clinicians in today’s health care environment face an overwhelming quantity of knowledge that requires continued education and lifelong learning. However, traditional continuing medical education (CME) courses cannot meet these educational needs, particularly given the proliferation of knowledge and increasing demands on clinicians’ time and resources… In this article, we describe the transition of the Mayo Clinic Cardiovascular Review for Cardiology Boards and Recertification (CVBR) from a traditional course with only live content to a course integrating live, online, and enduring materials… Learners engaging with digital content have demonstrated larger increases in knowledge with less educational time commitment. Courses seeking to implement similar changes must develop formal learning objectives focused on learner needs, build an online presence that includes an assessment of learner knowledge, enlist a cohort of dedicated faculty who teach based on principles of adult learning theory, and perpetually refresh educational content based on learner feedback and performance. Following these principles will allow traditional CME courses to thrive despite learners’ resource constraints and alternative means to access information.”
Mayo Whitepaper

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