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“Important education that helped provide a real-world application to the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases.”

Malcom W, MD

Your Roadmap to Success

So you’ve begun your fellowship.  How do you get to and stay on the road to success?

  • Step 1: Find a mentor
    Great physicians were mentored by other great physicians.
  • Step 2: Work smarter not harder
    Self-assess and equip yourself with learning tools that maximize your time
  • Step 3: Embrace lifelong learning
    Medical knowledge will continue to evolve.  How you evolve with it will determine what kind of physician you will become.


Residents walking together sharing insights

A computer with a stethoscope next to it

Cutting-Edge Clinical Content

Evidence-based medicine is presented by top academic medical center faculty, with 140+ learning activities that help you prepare for a wide spectrum of patient cases.

  • Actionable insights that impact everyday clinical practice
  • Multiple formats to fit into your fast-paced lifestyle
  • Content design based on adult-learning theory to maximize knowledge retention


Mock-up of Cardiovascular Updates

Apply Knowledge to Your Practice

All the study in the world won’t matter at the bedside if you can’t apply what you’ve learned.  At K2P we enable cardiology fellows to move beyond knowledge acquisition into true comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.  In short, we turn knowledge into practice.

Educational presentations include 140+ case-based questions to solidify your learning and build confidence in treating patients.