A Tribute to Dr. Nishimura

Inspiring Excellence For Generations

Dr. Nishimura has made pivotal contributions to the development of the revered Cardiovascular Board Review Course and has dedicated his life to championing the next generation of cardiology leaders as well as volunteering his services to improve cardiovascular care across the globe. It’s not easy to fully capture the magnitude of the “Nishimura Factor.”

His unwavering commitment and excellence to patient-centered care and research set a remarkable bar that few can accomplish in a single lifetime. Join us for a look back at his incredible story and contributions.

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Thank you, Dr. Nishimura

Thank you to everyone who signed our virtual thank you card to Dr. Nishimura. You can view it here. 

Dr. Nishimura,

Thank you for your incredible leadership, unwavering perseverance, and tremendous contributions that shaped cardiovascular care as we know it. 

We are honored to have had and will have in the future, the opportunity to garner your advice, work under your leadership, and continue to learn from you.  You are truly a LEGEND Nish and we all shine when we have the opportunity to be led by you.

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