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Bringing Continuing Medical
Education Into a New Era

Medicine is constantly changing. Physician education should change with it.
We develop relevant, personalized, and meaningful education that easily fits
into the time-starved physician’s life.

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Our Purpose

Why We’re So Passionate About Continuing Medical Education

By Mary Ellen Beliveau, Founder and CEO

My daughter has congenital heart disease.

When she was a small infant, I fell in love with her care team and to this day hold them in the highest regard.

The process helped me to realize that physicians need more contemporary tools enabling them to keep up with development and refresh their knowledge and skills while on the go at the ridiculous pace they are expected to keep.

I made it my life mission to innovate and provide tools that enable MD’s to practice at the top of their license, with peace of mind they are delivering the most cutting edge, evidence-based care.


And I love coming to work every single day!

About K2P
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Why We’re Different

Practice at the Top of Your License

Our goal is to provide learning experiences that help you practice at the very top of your license.
We build unparalleled physician experiences by combining cutting-edge instructional design with the world’s top clinical minds.